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Department of  Physics

Faculty of Sciences

Contact Information

Phone: 64448


Ahmed A ALGhamdi



Scientific qualifications

                          1- Ph.D.      Sussex university    U. K (1989)

                          2- MsC.     Tulane University U.S.A  (1984)

                          3- Bs.C.      King Abdul Aziz University(1981)

Academic statue:

                          A Professor in solid state physics (2006), Physics, Science College,                                           

                          King Abdul aziz University

Research Academic activity:

                          Interaction of irradiation with Solids

                          Point Defects in Solids

                         Optical Properties of Amorphous solids

                         Electrical Properties of Solids

                         Effect of non ionizing irradiations on biological systems

Teaching Experience:

       B.Sc Courses Tought

                         Introduction to Mechanics (General Physics)

                         Electricity & Magnetisms (General Physics)

                             Electrodynamics (I&2)


                         Classical Mechanics (I&2)


                         Solid State Physics

                         Special studies coures

                         Projects for B.Sc Students

       Master Courses Tought

                          Experimental solid state Physics

                          Defect & Imperfection in Solids

                          Experiments in solid state physics for master students


       Master Degree Refereed



       Ph.D   Refreed

                          5 Ph.Ds


National and  International activities:


      1-Editor for  an American Journal named Science of Advanced Materials (SAM) for  

          2 years.

2-Member of the advisory board of Material Science research INDIA for 2 years.


B-  Refereed a number of papers for:

     1- Spectroscopic letter journal (American scientific association).

     2- Metal synthesis journal. (European journal)

     3-Sensors and actuators journal (European journal).

     4-Journal of physics and chemistry.

     5-King Khalid Science journal.


     7-King Abdul Aziz University.

     8-Taibah University.

     9-Tabuk  University

    10-Umalkora university



C-International links


Currently joined a scientific cooperation with 3 international groups in , Jamia Milla Islamia India, Bulgaria And South Korea.


Conferences contributed in

                         1-The fifth international conference in the uses of ionic radiation and       

                             its effects on solids-cecly-   Italy- 1986

                         2-Rediation effects on insulators- Lyon- France-1987

                         3-Nato Summer School for Advanced studies in insulators-Italy-1988

                         4-International conference in defects in insulators-Cecci-Italy-1988

                         5-Radiation effects in insulators-Parma- Italy-1988

                         6- First Saudi Science conference –Dahran-KFU-Saudi Arabia- 2000

                         7-The 11th workshop for physics semiconductor devices-Newdelhi- 


                         8- Second Saudi Science conference-KAU-Jeddah–Saudi Arabia-2002

                         9- First Saudi Society conference-KKU-Abha –Saudi Arabia-2003

                         10- Second Saudi conference –UAU-Mekkak-Saudia Arabia-2005

                         11-Workshop " Physics between theory and Experiments"-UAU-  

                              mekkah- Saudia Arabia-2005.

                         12- Third Saudi Society conference-KACT-Ryiadh –Saudi Arabia-  


                          13- Nano conference held at King Abdul Aziz university JUNE 2008-                               

                          14- Attended a Workshop for nanoscience at King Abdul Aziz University 

                               June 2008.



Activities And administrative Works


  1-Contributed in Seminars in department of physics.

                         2- Worked in the committee of follow up and development of  

                             experiments in the physics dept. for both Bs.C & Ms.C.

                         3- Member of the finance and Budget of the department.

                         4- Member of the committee for courses revising in the department.

                         5- Supervised for the general physics Labs.

                         6- Worked as director for general physics Examinations.

                         7- Coordinator for general Physics courses.

                         8-Worked as co director in the college teaching development  


                         9-Worked as member of the committee in the college for 

                               administration development .

                        10- Director for the academic  affairs and registration in the department.

                        11- Worked as member of the committee of reviewing C.V and files   

                                for those who will join the department as staff members.

                         12-Member of the deanship committee for the community service in 

                                the university.

                         13-Director of the unit of groups and research centers in the university 

                               deanship of research .

                         14- Worked as chairman for scientific  committee for the international 

                                  nano-conference held at King Abdul Aziz University 17-19 june  


                         15- Member of the scientific committee for Staff promotion in science


                         16- Member of the scientific consulate at the University of Tabuk.

                         17. Editor of the scientific journal at the science college.

Projects Supported


1-       3 projects From KACST (3.6 million riyals) one of them is completed.



2-       Completed around 16 university projects.



3-       Currently submitted national project in nanotechnology( not yet supported).



4-       Currently submitted a number of new projects to be supported from both the university and KACST.



5-       Currently submitted two Chairs project at the university in sensors.



6-       Currently applied for patent( not yet cleared).



7-       Currently applied in conjunction with some international and European group a project for support to the European union ( 1 million euro) ( not yet approved) ( end of 2008).









Research Interests

Scientific interests


Areas of expertise